Hey you! I’m building a new company that will be building MVP’s and products for startups. And I want you to take part in it! I’ve got some awesome jobs for you! If you like one just give me a ping. I’ll try to make your life as awesome as possible while doing the things you love!

Head of Memes / party / community volunteer

Your job, you guessed it, is making memes and be the party animal of our community. You make sure things are fun around here when everyone is studying hard. Some of your responsibilities on your endless repertoire, include;

  • Organize and host events
  • Post and make memes in our slack and forums
  • Organize our yearly get together
  • Post fun articles on interesting topics
  • Build spotify playlists
  • Maintain our social media channels (youtube/twitter/insta)
  • Hang out on reddit and be witty

React-native expo developer - Bringer of the Pocket Powerhouse

You love building react native apps with GraphQL. You know expo from your back of the hand. Deploying is all you do.

Rails/React/JavaScript Developer - Lines between the dots

You make things work. All this ideas ain’t nothing if someone doesn’t actually build it. That’s where you come in, you connect the dots, express the intent into code and move this ship forward. You’ll be an extension of dreams expressed in working, beautifully written software.